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Zhonghe Group, a leading provider of human resource technology SaaS platform in China, has committed to the mission of  “Make every job secured ”. Our platform provides a  comprehensive SaaS suite for enterprises with  full-time employees, flexible workforce under online economy, and disabled people, that is driven by technology.
Since 2014, we’ve offered best-in-class payroll and benefits management solutions for our customers. We are the largest payroll and benefits management SaaS platform in China as well as the largest provider for online economy.
Our cloud-native and integrated SaaS solutions embedded with our in-depth industry expertise, empower businesses to manage the entire payroll and benefits lifecycle and provide digital HR management in a way that’s simple, accurate, fast and cost saving.
Misson Make every job secured
  • Excellence
  • Customer first
  • Responsibility & cooperation
  • Embracing changes
  • Trustworthy
  • Study & growth

Make breakthroughs and pursue excellence

Make progress with each passing day

Diligence multiples time equals excellence

Serve our customers whole-heartedly

Always put customers first

Persevere brings success

Step back and look at the big picture,result-oriented

Actively shoulder responsibility

Look at the essence of the problem impartially

The one thing that never changes is change

Development only comes with change

Explore infinite possibilities

Trust underpins our business

Reliability is the highest recognition of a person in this era

Ensuring information security and keeping business secrets confidential are not high moral standards, but the bottom line

Talents are the most valuable asset of a company

Progress accompanies pain

Be open-minded and keep forging ahead

Awards & Honors


Yu Qingquan, CEO of Zhonghe Group, was received by Premier Li Keqiang


Winning the gold medal in China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League


Winning the HRoot HR Service Innovation Award in Greater China

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